Hyland Sunsets Nolij: What You Need to Know

For many universities using Nolij, the question is: Where do we go now? Hyland is pushing for Nolij users to migrate to OnBase or ImageNow, but we think it’s important for you to take a step back and look at all your options, since you’re now faced with a higher cost moving to OnBase. When choosing a new document management and workflow solution, it’s important for you to understand everything you need before you go shopping. We’ve put together a few key notes for you to consider.

Whatever You Choose, There Will Be a Learning Curve

There’s no way around it—migrating to any new system is going to impact productivity for a certain period of time. It may seem easy just to push all of your documents and data to OnBase, but it may not be what you’re looking for. It’s best to consider all of your options before signing a contract so that you get exactly what you want, for a fair price, and are happy with your new user experience.

Know the Migration Costs of Your New Service

No matter which vendor and solution your choose, there are going to be migration costs. Make sure to check the fine print, as there are usually additional fees that you may not see upfront, especially in cases of changes or missed requirements. It is important that you compare these costs across all the vendors you are considering, and determine the best fit for your budget.

Don’t Be Surprised by Sticker Shock

If you have been subscribed to Nolij for a decade or longer, and grandfathered into modest annual price increases, you may be shocked to see the cost of current providers. Before you go shopping for a new solution, it’s important to know that you’ll need to set a realistic budget. You will be challenged to find a powerful, feature-rich solution for the price you are currently paying to maintain Nolij.

Be Wary of Low-Cost Solutions

To piggyback on the previous point, you want to be careful when looking at lower-cost solutions. The truth is that today’s subscription fees are going to be more than what you’re used to paying. We understand that this will be frustrating, and you may come across some solutions that have a lower cost and appear robust and capable, but you may find yourself unhappy with their capabilities. Many of the lower-end solutions with lower costs do not have the technology needed to handle all the documents and data in higher education. It might hurt your pocket at first, but picking a better solution for your university is important and should be budgeted for accordingly.

Does Your Vendor Have Higher Ed Experience?

It’s crucial that you find a vendor who has extensive experience in the higher education space. Your needs are unique, so not every vendor will work. Moreover, your vendor should be able to provide multiple reference accounts (at least two) of other universities who use its solutions and are satisfied with them.

Get the Training You Need

The solution you choose needs to have the right training and support that works for your user base. Not every vendor offers the same training (and some don’t offer any), and they definitely don’t all have the right customer support. Your new solution needs to meet your user base requirements to work well for your team. Additionally, keep in mind that the license cost isn’t the true cost of the entire migration. Make sure you understand the different costs for training and support that you’re going to need throughout the duration of the contract.

Bottom line? Don’t panic. There are new vendor options out there, with solutions to fit your needs. Your budget may have to change, and there will definitely be a learning curve. But once your migration and training are complete, things will be business as usual—with the added benefit of new features that will increase your productivity.

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