Add document capabilities to your legacy applications

Any document management system is only as good as the tools it provides to integrate with your existing computing environment. For example, you might want to “image enable” an existing mainframe application. Or you might want to include an existing client/server application in one of your workflow processes. Optix gives you the tools you need to integrate our document management technology with your computing infrastructure, to make the most of both.

How It Works


Client-side scripting is the easiest integration tool to use, and in many ways the most powerful. Optix is the first document management system that is scriptable on both Windows and Macintosh.


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

If you prefer to integrate applications through lower-level programming techniques, our client-based and host-based APIs give you the power tools you need to get the job done right. These APIs are based on RPC (Remote Procedure Call), the same technology we use to make our client software communicate with our servers. All the calls our programmers use to create our applications are now available to your programmers.


Queue and Workflow Customization

Optix manages several types of server-based queues: OCR queues for bulk conversion of scanned documents to text; and Index Later queues for quick scanning for a team of indexers. You can create additional custom queues for your own purposes and easily script the handling of items to be processed. Optix Workflow supports custom server-based processing steps that can invoke programs that you create. This mechanism can be used to link Optix workflows with other enterprise applications.