Mobile Document Management

  • Browser-based access to the Optix repository using the same index forms used by Macintosh and Windows clients; no coding required.
  • Zero footprint deployment throughout your organization.
  • Web-based integration tools support integration with other web applications via URL.
  • HTML and Javascript-based, can run on any modern browser on any device: desktop or mobile.
  • Provide quick access to your Optix Repository to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
  • Selectively make available documents based on repository segment, metadata, and/or authentication.

How It Works

Optix Web - Interact with your documents via the internet

Optix Web fuses document management, workflow, and Internet technologies into a single, powerful, easy-to-use system. With Optix Web, businesses can publish all or portions of their document databases to their corporate Intranet (or to the entire Internet, if desired). Users with the appropriate ID and password can then use a standard Web browser to access scanned images, text files, and other documents from company databases.

iPad screenshot of an Optix web query

Optix Web Query Screen (iPad)

Our thin client makes it easy to add query, retrieval, file uploading, and workflow functionality to any website implementation. Optix collections as well as TIFF, PDF, JPEG, and other image files can be viewed, annotated, and printed with our viewer.

PC screenshot of an optix web query

Optix Web Document Display (PC)

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