Optix is Your Key to Efficiency

Optix is a powerful yet simple to use document management software with workflow automation solutions and modern features designed to optimize business processes. Whether automating an existing workflow, implementing a best practice, or solving a new document workflow challenge, Optix flexibility gets your solution team up and running in-place quickly.

Considering a move to paperless? We have you covered.

Optix document management capture, and workflow solutions

Document Management Built for Business and Nonprofits

Moving to a paperless process has never been easier. Businesses and nonprofits struggle to stop using paper simply because they think the transformation will be difficult. It’s true, if you pick the wrong provider without proven support, the path to a paperless office could be a slow one. But if you ask an Optix user about their experience, they will tell you that the implementation and support teams really understand the product: “They answer all my questions without having to put me on hold or ask someone else. I’ve never experienced this kind of support.”

Digital document management and capture

Go Paperless — Start Saving

Paper carries security risks and with its many hidden costs is expensive to manage, store and often difficult to reference. In the event of fire or flood, the loss of paper documents can force a business to cease operations. Processing paper creates delays in closing contracts, reconciling payments, and managing HR functions. Reducing reliance on paper can improve organizational throughput by as much as 70%.

  • Invoice Processing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Legal Documentation
  • Land Records
  • HR Records
Best Workflow automation solutions

Workflow Automation Solutions - Start Innovating

Employees who perform paper-intensive tasks spend less time producing revenue and more time entering, checking, routing, and archiving documents. With document capture and automated workflows, work can be routed by pre-defined rules and logic to ensure that work is processed efficiently by the right person at the right time. Optix workflow automation solutions works across departments, contributing to increased profits.

  • Maintenance Workflow
  • Donor Records
  • Manufacturing Processes & Auditing
  • Review, Distribution, and Compliance
Document management software compliance solutions

Address Compliance Issues

Regulatory requirements are part of doing business today. Your ability to respond to audits and demonstrate compliance depends on how well your assets are organized and how easy they are to access. With the features in Optix document repository, searching for and finding the right documents on-demand is easy. No more boxes of files, offsite repositories or delays in responding to auditors.

  • Aircraft maintenance and FAA compliance
  • Shipping and USDA inspection
  • Contract performance compliance

Optix Makes it Easy

Create new applications in hours rather than weeks allowing you to transform your business into an almost paperless enterprise with associated cost savings and process improvements.

With Optix, it’s easy…

  • Identify search terms used to index your documents and make business decisions.
  • Rapidly customize your search screen to store and retrieve your documents.
  • Automatically capture search terms from your documents and pull data from other systems to save keystrokes.
  • Design workflows using drag-and-drop technology that
    directs work to those who need to view and approve
    documents, incorporating your business rules.
  • Deploy in a single click, including storage and security.

Complicated workflow? No problem. Our workflow optimization experts can help you analyze the situation and provide the support you need to put the right process in place to get things under control.

Document management and capture solutions for Mac

Learn How Optix Can Transform Your Work

Document Capture

  • Create powerful capture tasks to automate document capture workflows including scanning, metadata extraction, and document indexing.
  • Share capture tasks throughout your organization to capture data uniformly.
  • Extract and automatically index metadata from your files including PDF forms, Microsoft Word forms, email, and XMP.
  • High-speed, native scanning and document capture for Macintosh and Windows, fully integrated, and never a per-page scanning fee.
  • Use OCR to extract fielded information from scanned images. Built-in automated tools to detect blank pages, auto size, and deskew.
  • Optional OCR Pro and Forms module to automatically recognize different forms and extract information.

Document Management

  • Harness your database and document index metadata to precisely locate your needed documents in seconds.
  • Store popular desktop files including Microsoft Office files. Automatic revision control captures each document revision with full audit trail.
  • Optix document management software ensures revision integrity by allowing only one user to revise a document at any given point in time; other users get a read-only of the file.
  • Multiple levels of security provide control over access to documents and what can be done with them.

Text Search

  • Fast full-text search of the contents of documents,
    including Microsoft Word and Excel, and PDF with text
  • Built-in OCR of imaged documents to search scanned
    documents by content.

Workflow Automation

  • Our drag-and-drop process editor allows you to automate repeatable business processes in minutes.
  • Automatically distribute work across your teams.
  • Rules-based routing allows you to define and enforce business rules including approval and review.
  • Calendaring allows you to define how long each task should take and notification/escalation rules for past due work.
  • Supports parallel routing and rendezvous to allow work to be performed in parallel.
  • Sophisticated delegation model allows you to proxy or review work product supporting collaboration and ad-hoc transfer of work.
  • Extend automated workflow solutions to other systems or custom processes through customizable program extension at both the desktop and server.

Mobile Document Management

  • Browser-based access to the Optix repository using the same index forms used by Macintosh and Windows clients; no coding required.
  • Zero footprint deployment throughout your organization.
  • Web-based integration tools supports integration with
    other web applications via URL.
  • HTML and Javascript-based, can run on any modern browser on any device: desktop or mobile.
  • Provide quick access to your Optix Repository to mobile
    devices such as tablets and smartphones.
  • Selectively make available documents based on repository segment, metadata, and/or authentication.
  • Customized to your index metadata using web browser to set up query interfaces.

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